1. Domain.
Domain name is the name of the site instead. The set up is so easy to access the site. The preceding is the domain name. It uses IP Asset dress. The site is representative of the domain name has long been no more than 63 characters and will be staffed with Letters and numbers. Currently this Will not necessarily be the only English letters and then. Because Thai characters. Or local character of the country can use, which Domain Name Domain Name has several applications that used to measure the type of domain name extensions, called the current domain name extensions that are popular. Com. net. org. info means that it is different. But the most popular are. Com.
2. The type of domain name.
Type the domain name. At present it There are many types. Most people tend to think that Only the type of domain. Com. Net. Info. Org, but in fact. Type the domain name or last name of the domain. There are many more. It can be divided into 1) Domain Name 2-level domain name is called the highest level will include a domain name followed by last name or type of domain by domain type the domain fall into this category include. com. net. info. org. edu. gov and so on.
The other types of 3-level domain name or domain name for each country. This will include a domain name followed by last name. And abbreviations of countries, such as.,. etc.
3. How to rename a domain name.
The Domain Name is considered the domain name. Is especially important in a website. Or because of new domain names, Domain Name. Like a name for our site. Even if we set up a domain name is much better. It affects our website only by the Domain Name. A simple method: 1) name into the short. 2) try to set meaningful People can understand 3) easier to remember. Try to choose a phone number that people can remember easily. Not be confused with another domain name 4) does not set a domain name. Containing such profanity and the word fuck is a copyrighted product, such as sony, google 5) is the name that we think will be represented. Or our brand. The need to consider whether a domain name we will set it up. Like our brand 6) Domain name was named. Should be consistent with The format of our website.
4. Domain Name English.
Domain language in the current began to receive widespread popularity. It can do Search engine optimization (SEO) in Thailand is very good. We can use a domain name. Thai was like a second hand books by the registered domain name in Thai is now able to take in the category. Com,. Net by the time we registered domain name in Thai then we remove the code that converts a language Thailand is the encrypted string to write We can observe a Thai encrypted. Printing from a domain name is English. Web browsers such as typing second hand books. Com you’ll see code xn – If a domain name. Is empty. I would also want to have it registered with the xn – 72ca6c7a6bbctbb1b0ec to register.
5. To renew domain name.
Domain name is like a product. The expiration date shall have the same domain name is usually expire after we register a domain name to one year, or if when we take domain name. We are taking the time domain name. The expiration of the domain name. It will expire after we take the domain name. For example, if the period of the registered domain name two years, it will expire in two years from the date of the domain name registered by the domain name renewal. Can be extended from the date of registered Maine New Acne at all. And renew it within 30 days from the date of the domain name has expired. If allowed by the domain name expired for 45 days the domain name will be removed from the directory. And wait for the new registration immediately.

6. By selling the old domain name.
There are currently trading a large number of domain name will be trading the old domain name. Have a right to do seo, as well as a short domain name easy to remember and older, the majority will trade the old domain name. In different countries. Which is deemed to have been very popular on sites such as In Thailand our It is trading as well domain name. The domain name market trading of the largest in Thailand now are the The auction is set for sale or domain name the same person almost every day, which has since Less than one hundred thousand baht beyond primary ever.
7. To buy the domain name to expire.
There are currently alternatives occur. People wishing to register a domain name that is buying or registered domain name. Nearing an end, which is better than a registered domain name that matches that sometimes have a pretty. Or the name that gets our minds off to. But previously we were unable to register because the domain name is busy and we do not have to waste too much time to do some SEO domain name. Rank well in Search Engine, but also cautions on buying the domain name to expire as well, including history of the domain name was banned for being reducing the number of index. Of the domain name. That if anyone is interested in buying the domain name to expire then. Can be purchased at or auction.

8. To check the status of the domain name.
To register a domain name that First, we need to check the status of the domain name before it is empty we will register a domain name or not by checking the status of the domain name. There are several ways such as 1) Check out the domain name. That he had or not. If he has not shown that the availability and 2) try to search in the search engine 3) The easiest way to use tools such as check the status of domain name. In the pages we want to register domain name as, or to sites that offer domain name check status, especially including, etc.
9. The price of the domain name.
The price of the Domain Name is currently cheaper than the very old. The time before that. The price of the domain name. Often as high as thousands. But in the present. Began only in the hundreds by price domain name. Each extension. Or each category will vary, that is. Com. Net. Org is usually a similar price as that. Info is often cheap and sub-domain name. In each country. It is more expensive. Com. Net. Org or. Info because of the country. To register domain name. Under the extension of the domain name in it. In addition to the country and then released. Also for profit or business with one of the country.
10. The moving domain
Moving a domain that can usually move domain name. Have indicated their intent to move the domain name at least 30 days before the domain name to expire will be free to move domain This is the first year automatic domain renewal sure enough to move with rates that are based on domain. Determination of each of you who get registered domain name. By default. Price will be equal to the mortgage default domain name of each you like domain transfer fee was 11 dollars, who was completely new to domain names, sure enough by moving the domain name is usually, if moving from Service providers register the same domain name. No cost. Because they just moved to new accounts only domain names, such as moving from the domain name to register with Mr. A, Mr. B to to take the same
11. Domain Name Server (DNS).
Domain Name Server (Domain name server) or a DNA (DNS) that is connected with the name of our domain name is the IP address refers to the number of web hosting. That we bring in connection with the domain name that is acting like the phone book is when someone wants to call anyone, that person would have to open the phone book to find phone numbers of people who want to be. Contact the computer as well. To communicate with other computers. Machine, it will ask the IP address of the computer to communicate with the DNS server will find the number. In the database and then tell the Host about time that we reach a domain name. It can access. It is then connected to the hosting.
12. Part of DNS.
DNS that includes three important that we should get to know them are 1) Name Resolvers by machine Client to query IP called Resolver, which the software acts as Resolvers will be built applications or as a Library that. in Client 2) Domain Name Space DNS database, which is structured as a Tree, or hierarchy, each node is a domain can have subdomains. Which is used in the separation of 3) Name Servers are computers that run the database portion of the DNS, Name Server will respond to requests immediately. The obtained information about themselves. Or forward the request to another if the Name Server Name Server information section displays the Server domain is a domain owner is called. Authoritative.
13. What is web hosting.
Web hosting is like a construction area of our home. Which means the computer means that the deposit information on the site. To visitors. Can be accessed via the Internet by a Web hosting is connected to a domain name. To access the site through a domain name in that way that the web hosting today is divided into two categories: 1) type Linux Hosting 2) Type of Window’s hosting a Linux host. Marketing is a cheaper form. Window’s hosting.
Today in the service of web hosting. It is very simple. Because it is cheap. Most stores annually. From the hundreds baht.
14. The purchase web hosting.
Buying web hosting is. There are many factors to consider, which usually we tend to consider only charges and only the second area, this may not to be. Good rules. To purchase hosting. Because buying the hosting. Should also consider other things that: 1) the quality of web hosting. The quality of web hosting here We can see easily from the ratio of servers to run or find the old. History of hosting it in the search engine 2) reliability of the service provider 3) location of the server instance, if we want to do website The target in Thailand It should Hosting in Thailand 4) price is too expensive or not. I make reasonable 5) hosting space. Or the size of the hosting. Appropriate that we need to use

15. Web Hosting on Linux and windows what’s different.
Web Hosting on Linux and on windows it’s a different obviously. In terms of software used on the machine hosting as well as the programming language Acne home web site that can be used by our choice of normal use. Web Hosting on Linux that the purpose is to create a website. Common language such as html, php, which does not use the software. Any particular lot is different from the windows, which will be specific. To site. With the specific language of the Microsoft side as asp,, but we can using php or html, but usually if you do not have a website with Coast languages of choice Microsoft Web Hosting on Linux would be best, because a stable and cheap.

16. What is the crash site.
Crash site is that many people often encounter. And often the question is always that Web site founder, Abraham Lincoln is what the state used to refer to when we can not access the site. Due to the malfunction of which some sites the hard work and hosting for not wai until the symptoms down, change the dns error, File site missing eyes, hacking information, cause malfunction, etc. The site crashes are. What many people do websites. Anxiety is a very Should such a frequent site crashes. To point out to the faithless And inefficiencies of the site. The way to prevent one of the crash site. People do most sites were selected taking into account web hosting with high uptime value and reliability.
17. What is the uptime.
Uptime server uptime, or the value is the value that many people pay attention very much. The only man-made sites. And owner hosting the value uptime refers to the time server or hosting has never crash never restarted never off, most owners hosting several thou shalt say, never have the hosting of him. valuable uptime 99.99%, which means that in a crash, will not exceed 52 minutes, which at this point is where a website is often the focus always Because the more valuable uptime, it means a lot. Hosting rates are down. Or low wind. This site is running on the hosting. It does not crash or go down with a short, sure enough the value that uptime is very important in choosing web hosting. The Web site. That should not be overlooked at all.
18. Server down is.
Server down or host failure is similar to the web crash, but Server down will prove fatal over the web crash, because if server down or host failure means that the site hosted the tab on the hosting or server, it crashes all by The most likely cause which resulted in a server down or crash the host usually comes from resources on the hosting of the website is running. Many times it is found. Site only a single site. Can cause the server down just because Use of resources significantly. 

19. Bandwidth is what
Bandwidth (bandwidth) to a value that many people often wonder that. Is the value that tells you what It is often seen in the details of the rent web hosting bandwidth, which means export volume data bandwidth of the site so it is the volume of export to a Web site can obtain There will be measured each month that the high bandwidth and support, it means the volume of traffic. Or the amount of export that occurs within the site has so much volume that is currently the provider of web hosting almost all of the focus on. A lot of bandwidth, coupled with the amount of space for file storage lot. Since the current site. Often use lots of bandwidth, which, if selected for hosting the bandwidth is less possibility of failure symptoms site.
20. Selecting Hosting.
Choosing hosting. Or hosting it. It is important that people do pay attention to all sites. Because web hosting plantation house if selected as the area is not good, it may not make our home better by choosing a hosting. Are key to keep in mind the following.
1) service providers, we should find that the service provider. The service person. How such a history might be cheating customers etc.
2) see the uptime of the server if a higher or 99.99% is very good 3) See channel. Support or portfolio hosting. That there are multiple paths. And communicate easily or 4) cost for the service. Appropriate to the area of hosting and content bandwidth and other things necessary or not 5) is a Linux or Window’s by, if to do site-specific, language php should choose Linux, but if the language of Microsoft side as asp,, choose Window’s 6) Considering that the machine hosting. Or a server located anywhere. Reliable or not. Located in Thailand or abroad. Select the appropriate target sites that we do. 7) the speed of online access on the server that quickly or not.

21. Space to store important information how
Storage space in the same area in the home should have cultivated area suitable to the size of the house. We create. In a website, too. Space for storage. Or web space hosting. It should be matched. Sites that we made based on the type of site. Likely future developments are up an image or file up or not. In general. Today. Space for storage. Are available in various sizes and cheaper than ever before that period, on average, at 1 GB or 1000 MB, which is considered standard in selected areas in the current host.
22. Depositary machine SERVER (CO-Location).
Service Deposit Machine Server is a service provider is to receive deposits place the server in the server performance. Equipped with a server to the client. The server already. The cost of service. Deposit machine. Prices will vary with each provider. This will depend on factors such as speed Internet. Number of IP Asset dress. Nature and size of the server takes place. System, including facilities in the regions are now served by a server machine leave a care service in terms of server management to the other with If the customer wants.
23. Reseller Hosting is what
Reseller Hosting is a service provider. Organized package web hosting up To the customer. Lead is a provider of web hosting is. The nature of the sales division. Or agents, without investing put the server itself. The people who use services can take care of Reseller hosting is managed hosting, a preliminary What is at issue in depth. Must submit the matter to the service providers that this is a point where people who want to use reseller hosting services, awareness and consideration for that service providers are trusted much. It will affect the future use reseller hosting most of the area and values are increasing from hosting simple. Most will be charged on a monthly basis.
24. Video hosting service.
Video hosting service is a type of file Upload multiple video files or video clips that will be taken to leave the area, especially video files that this type of service. Most of the area for many And the features in use. This is either a free or pay using a video hosting service that Is the nature of the. Upload up to the hosting. And can be link to another website also. The example of Service providers, video hosting, such as which is free.

25. Service Order server.
Order Services server. A service. The service provider will provide a server to suit the needs and usage of the buyer. With advice from the experts directly. The server. The purchase is the Rnebsenong DELL, SUN, IBM, HP in both formats Rack Mount server and Tower case server also provides order of the server. Meet the needs of customers. Select the device is effective and there is no guarantee. Use the appropriate age. It also provides after-sales service and additional equipment. Meet the needs of customers. Which guarantee that. Customers will receive the server efficiency. And use it fully.
26. E-mail server.
E-mail server is a server used to send and receive email. This will be used through the post protocol SMTP by e-mail server, the users will use over style programming web based, which is both the free and pay by e-mail server in the current service providers. many This is characteristic of Do e-mail server. Private enterprise. And write applications to handle e-mail systems, especially such as filtering e-mail to send e-mail volume and there will be a provider of e-mail itself with the cost of using e-mail server depends on the objectives. used as internal use. Use to send e-mail volume. Including the area Size to store e-mail as well.
27. The type of web hosting.
Web Hosting currently divided into four categories: 1) a shared host with a shared host will be hosting a commonly used. The allocation of resources. From the server 2) a reseller hosting reseller will be similar to a shared host is a shared resource from the server. However, foreign direct users to the distribution area within their own account to share with Web sites. Well organized package. To start Manage your own web hosting and 3) a vps VPS is like having the server of my own. The software simulation resources on the server, which will have superior performance, shared host and reseller prices cheaper than putting the server itself, 4) an colocation and dedicate both collocation and dedicate this place the server. own.
28. Dedicate server is what
Dedicate server is leasing the server. The service provider will provide the server to clients in the form of a service. Installment payment server. Which, when matured It is the owner server permanently. The cost for this service. Will include deposits placed with the body, similar to the current dedicate server collocation, which has received attention as much as the cost per month is not expensive Neu. It also does not have to pay money to purchase a server. Once again with
29. Proxy server is what
Proxy server is a machine like the intermediate between the rise in the network. The Internet by the client in the entire network will not connect to the Internet directly on client browsing. Will send a request to Proxy server machine and find it in the Proxy server machine as if it had not returned to the client. Without looking away from actual data. Because the data is stored in the memory of the machine Proxy proxy server, which is useful in reducing the workload on the server used by the proxy server in linux, such as squid.
30. Clustering the Web server.
Clustering is the grouping of multiple computers that we want together. This works for your computer. Working together is comparable to the same computer that principle Clustering have been adopted in a web server by the server several doing clustering to increase the efficiency of servers to increase the key features of. Do Clustering is done Replication, which normally Session of the User is stored in the Web Server machine that User is active, but doing Clustering is a copy (Replicate) Session to a Web Server another group with a cause. Whether in the Server User access any computer, so it is always the User’s Session.
31. Load balancing the Web server.
Load balancing is similar to clustering, which includes many computer machines together. To divide the work. Or spread the load of the machine, the load balancing feature is not only lighten the burden of running. When the servers are connected together, the problem will be forwarded to the remaining machines to work instead, so the problem of failure occurs only rarely.
Currently it is implemented load balancing used in the preparation of web server to improve performance as well as a clustering, but clustering and load balancing difference is the clustering will be copied, but load balancing will lighten the load by distributing tasks to machines are linked together.
32. VPS or Virtual Private Server.
Present VPS has been the industry grew tremendously in the web hosting. It is modern technology. In terms of resource models to make up the virtual server. On the server, which actually is the meaning VPS is a server model resulting from Using simulation software resources on the server to make it seem more real as the server is really the advantages of VPS are more effective at normal shared host, but there are disadvantages. I also share resources from the server anyway, if really any VPS on the server really has a lot of VPS resources that we are going to have problems with.
33. Reseller domain.
Reseller domain is a domain name reseller, which can be a provider of domain name was registered. By not investing too much. Just sign up with Providers registered domain name. Who are exposed to dealers. Log in and recharge. The number of carriers identified. We can open the domain names, which he has the advantage of a reseller can take, such as domain name in cheaper. Kot that we are able to self-controlled person, the owner can register domains. The cost is not much use. , To manage its own domain at any time.
34. Performance Server.
Performance server is a computer server, Sue efficient picking high Suitable for processing large amounts of data in the enterprise. The number of users reaches the server of this type are used hardware. Spectroscopy with high and quite expensive, such as using a 32-64 bit CPUs using multiple CPU cores, which are mainly working in. Multi-Processor. Processor capacity to work together as one single place. Available in a 4-Way, 8-Way ,12-Way, a hard disk and RAM’s large-capacity lot.
35. Value server.
Value server is the server’s average level. Suitable for use in a satisfactory level. Which fit with the organization or the size of medium to processing of the server in a good reliable server this is the hardware level. Appropriate to use. The Specification will not be as high as a Performance CPU uses a dual core or dual core RAM and hard disk sizes that are suitable for use. And available for use to take reasonable The price of this server. Is inexpensive. And cost-effective to use.
36. Budget Server.
Budget server is a server. Suitable for the organization. Or small companies. That is used to process not much usually this server. Spectroscopy uses hardware that is not high and the price is not too much. This could take a normal PC from any computer. If you do not want to have more stability. At present. Vendor, multi-server you Has turned to sales. This type of server. It does not cost much. Most CPU intel atom, which price is not very high. And is suitable for jobs that need to process very
37. What is a Raid.
Of a raid today. Begin to play a role in the industry. More servers, which is a technology in a raid group of hard disk Multiple connections to each other. To provide more storage and performance of servers that constitute a more cost-effective in the preparation of a server. Because sometimes the hard drive is more than two purchases a single hard disk. With a capacity close to each other by running Raid is controlled by the Call Master dealer-controlled RAID to Staying sort the data in the form of a standard RAID for hard drives every body that is connected to the array. that Unlike the capacity of the hard disk in a regular system.

38. The advantages of server Dell.
Current server. There are many brands that we buy. But there is one brand that I recommend is the Dell of Dell servers such as servers that use the device. A standard suitable for use in a high performance requirements. And in organizations. Which is available in both value server performance server and the server from the fact that the dell. After-sales service. And a great warranty. And not have to worry about non-standard equipment because dell uses all standard equipment. But certainly that many people often look at the dell is priced relatively expensive. But I want to point out that If you compare the quality and price. Thought it was a very reasonable price.

39. Streaming is.
Streaming is to access multimedia files. Online. Without having to download the file at our machines. But you can use Streaming via intermediaries. Presentation of multimedia video and audio. Into our machines. Currently, the use of video streaming in and do radio stations online. With multiple service providers. That are available in the stream by the limitations of streaming at the speed of processing of computer users. And speed of Internet-enabled.

40. Radio Streaming.
Radio Streaming is streaming technology to use in publishing. Voice over the Internet. To make online radio stations. By similar. Radio normal in all respects. But the difference. Online radio stations then. Voice over the Internet to spread the listeners can listen anywhere, anytime, and do not look like an audio file. To download at all. But you can listen through. Pages service Online radio stations. With streaming technology has all of today’s online radio service that Are widely available. And costs will vary according to the number of audience who can receive the quality of sound etc.
41. Video Streaming.
Video streaming is available. Multimedia video over the Internet category. Technology, streaming radio streaming, similar to but different in that the transition from audio, video publishing category by looking to see if the video streaming to more clearly view the broadcast. Or items falling ill on television, video-streaming, which will look the same. But sure enough to change the public through the Internet are currently doing video streaming (Video streaming) can be done manually. With software that manages video streaming, especially including Helix Universal Server from RealNetworks, a server that supports format files range such as RealMedia, Windows Media, Quicktime and MPEG-4, but if you do not own, it can be used through. video streaming service that enables video streaming service has.