install xen-tools ubuntu

Finally we install the XenServer tools.

  • Boot the VM and log in with SSH
  • In XenCenter, attach xs-tools.iso to the DVD drive of the VM
  • Mount xs-tools.iso, install the correct XenServer Tools package (replace amd64 with i386 if necessary) and unmount xs-tools.iso
sudo mount /dev/xvdd /mnt
sudo dpkg -i /mnt/Linux/xe-guest-utilities_5.5.0-466_amd64.deb
sudo umount /mnt
  • In XenCenter, detach xs-tools.iso from the DVD drive of the VM (this ensures that XenServer does not complain about too many bootable devices)
  • Reboot the VM and log in with SSH
  • Make sure the services run at boot time
sudo update-rc.d -f xe-linux-distribution remove
sudo update-rc.d xe-linux-distribution defaults

go to update pack web  :
  • Reboot the VM for the last time
  • Restart XenCenter to be able to log in to the console of the VM